Privacy Policy of Crypto Quick Scanner

last update on (20th of August 2019)


We are committed to protecting your privacy.

Being primarily under the Dutch jurisdiction, we strictly abide by the requirements and principles provided by the “Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens” or the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. Furthermore, we are also guided by the regulations promulgated by the European Union under the Individual Rights for European Economic Area Residents under the General Data Protection Regulation. These legally binding mechanisms direct all our actions in terms of collecting, storing, and protecting the data of our clients and/or customers.

Since Crypto Quick Scanner necessarily processes privacy-sensitive information and personal data for the successful operation and delivery of its online services, we hereby express the following commitment:

  1. To clearly specify the purpose of processing personal data and private information;
  2. To limit the collection of personal data to be used only for legitimate purposes;
  3. To gather explicit permission in the processing of personal data in cases when client permission is required;
  4. To take appropriate security measures in the protection of private information and personal data;
  5. To demand strict adherence of data protection from third parties who process personal data on our behalf;
  6. To respect the right of individuals for personal data access;
  7. To honor the right of rectification of erasure procedure under the GDPR;
  8. To uphold the individual’s right to object under the GDPR policy;
  9. To respect the right of clients for data portability as stipulated in the GPDR; and
  10. To provide easy and efficient avenues for the exercise of individual data protection rights.


We acknowledge and honor the sanctity of your personal data.

As a cryptocurrency scanner and trading platform that uses advanced technological features, there is an essential need to process certain information for the successful delivery of our crypto scanning services related to our clients’ digital assets.

The following types of information are gathered upon the application of account subscription:

  1. Email Address
  2. IP Address

Crypto Quick Scanner uses and processes these information for the purposes that are disclosed to you, except as otherwise permitted by law. Our privacy protection team has the responsibility to request your consent for any need to disclose information that is of a materially different purpose than what is stipulated in the agreement.

The following legitimate reasons form part of our business’ data collection and processing activity:

  1. To provide you with the technological services that you need for better cryptocurrency trading and investment;
  2. To sustain the daily operations of our cryptocurrency scanning and trading services;
  3. To keep you updated of all the developments in our internal operations and system performances through email;
  4. To provide you up-to-date and relevant information relating to cryptocurrency markets and exchanges through email messages;
  5. To effectively support the management of our website and systems;
  6. To better understand our clients’ demands and needs;
  7. To receive and administer client requests for legally permissible information;
  8. To comply with regulatory and legal obligations under our jurisdiction such as but not limited to tax reports, warrants, business registration, and court orders;
  9. To safeguard client database;
  10. To monitor key activities and investigate suspicious acts; and
  11. To better protect our own rights and property as a legally operating business.


We are serious about securing your personal data.

By acknowledging the sanctity of your personal data and private information, we take all precautionary measures and utilize extensive technological knowledge for their protection.

Crypto Quick Scanner has and regularly maintains procedural security measures, electronic and technical safeguards, and physical data protection mechanisms. All information gathered from our clients in the process of account subscription, access, and operation are in a secure portion of the Crypto Quick Scanner website. We constantly reinforce our technologies for the prevention, defense, and control of external attacks into our network. Our technology is securely guarded by virtual structures such as firewalls, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and digital certificates to keep all transactions and information verifiable, secure, unadulterated, and authenticated.


We keep faithful relationships.

Crypto Quick Scanner is a product of Web2000 BV and information will be processed by Web2000 BV and it's sub products altrady, crypto base scanner and crypto quick scanner.

We do not share client data with third parties. If in any case that we provide external links to other websites through our blog or main webpage, know that they are not for promotional purposes. We handle the website operations and systems only of Crypto Quick Scanner and cannot ascertain the security of other websites. Due diligence has to be practiced by users when visiting third party sites by carefully reading their respective privacy policies.


We accept reasonable changes and approve permanent deletions.

Each client/customer has the right to access his/her personal data and private information that are collected by the Crypto Quick Scanner system. In the same manner, his/her provided information may also be updated by editing the account settings and/or contacting our data protection team. Inaccurate data or out-of-date information may also be corrected or updated. Ultimately, clients can send a request to our data protection team if and when he/she decides to remove all personal data and private information that have been collected, processed, and stored by the Crypto Quick Scanner system. Our team shall be given at least 30 days to work on the deletion request.


We listen to needs and work on improvements.

Our privacy policy may undergo periodic revisions as the need arises and as a response to industry developments. Any information regarding the amendment or revision will be disseminated through announcements in the Crypto Quick Scanner website and email. If any part/parts of the policy revision is/are deemed harmful for the data protection of our clients, they have the right to withdraw their consent to this policy and regain full access to their private information. Amendments shall take effect on the day of its revision.